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The 5 stages of dealing with legacy code

Yes, this article will use the 5 stages of grief as an analogy for something software development-related. There are at least a few thousand other articles with a similar motif (424,000 results for 鈥済rief stages software鈥 according to Google). But bear with me for the next 5 minutes and I promise you鈥檒l get something out of this鈥娾斺奿f nothing else, at least the smirk of those who read their past follies put on text by someone else.

I have been working on a rather big Rails project for the past year and half. The project is nearly 7 years old, and has an all-too-common successful-startup-bought-by-industry-giant background story. In a project with this kind of background, some things are bound to happen: many developers of many skill ranges have come and gone, many software fads (cough, Meteor, cough), and above all else a lot of legacy code that is, well, let鈥檚 put it nicely, not so great. None of this should be taken personally in any way鈥娾斺奿t is just natural for such things to occur in such projects.