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Book review - Collapse

馃摎 Collapse (2006), a book by Jared Diamond.

Rating: 猸愨瓙猸愨瓙 路 Read: June 2022

Hvalsey church ruins, Greenland. Credit:

Collapse is a fascinating, if somewhat exhausting, read. The central point of the book is that environmental changes, man-made or not, have been responsible for many a civilization鈥檚 collapse.

Book review - Sapiens

馃摎 Sapiens (2014), a book by Yuval Harari.

Rating: 猸愨瓙猸愨瓙 路 Read: July 2022

Sapiens in an image.

Sapiens has no central point being made; rather there鈥檚 an intricate web of mostly interdependent theories and speculations. This makes for an enjoyable read, however at times it is easy to lose sight of the original premises used to build up on increasingly speculative conclusions.